Phil wearing a yellow sweater vest sitting at a table

Phil at Brooklyn Heights Synagogue

In 2018, Phil went to talk to young people taking classes at Brooklyn Heights Synagogue. This short classroom talk was recorded on video.

Phil at BHS Clip 1

In this first video, Phil talks about his early childhood in the 1920s: how much food he could buy for a nickel, early experiences as a child of Russian immigrants in Crown Heights and his first experience with religious learning. This first clip gets cut off mid-sentence at the end but this conversation is continued in the following two clips.

Phil at BHS Clip 2

Then in the second clip (since the first three minutes overlaps with the first video, the video is queued to start at the 3-minute mark). Phil talks more about being a small child in Brooklyn in the 1920s and 1930s. He talks about Ebbet’s Field, signing up to join the Army Air Force for World War II, grocery shopping and how much a good-sized dinner used to cost in a deli.

Phil at BHS Clip 3

Then the third clip (set to start at the 2-minute mark to avoid overlap with the clip above) Phil talks about becoming a lawyer after he came home from World War II, his first jobs after the war, being raised by Russian immigrant parents, and his role in the family. This section also has a couple questions asked by the students.

Thanks to Brooklyn Heights Synagogue for all the ways you included Phil in community!

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